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ILM Group of Colleges is a growing educational system to inculcate a vision for a prosperous Pakistan

ILM Group of Colleges is a leading success story, established in 1990 to foster quality education at an affordable price by ensuring highest standards of academic quality in line with the national and international standards. This project has complete patronage of the University of Management & Technology’s Leadership. Investing in Education Sector is the most secure way to get dividend on your investment besides shaping the future of Pakistan. This is a national cause to serve, so please join hands with us in providing quality education in Pakistan.

About :- ILM Group of Colleges

ILM Group of Colleges was established in 2008 under chairmanship of the Professor Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad, Rector of University of ManagementTechnology, UMT From its inception it has been dedicated to the cause of education to the youth.